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Student posters

The complete list of posters with abstracts for the poster session is available here.



Cosmic rays


1. UHECRs mass composition determination with Auger

Lorenzo Caccianiga, LPNHE, Paris, France


2. Large-scale anisotropy in cosmic ray flux at TeV energies

Joaquim Castellano, Departamento de Fisica Teorica y del Cosmos, Granada, Spain


3. The Atmosphere in the Light of EHECR Air Showers

Stefanie Falk Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany


4. EASIER project

Romain Gaior, LPNHE, Paris, France


5. Cross section and composition of UHECR at the Pierre Auger Observatory and Risetime at 1000 mts distributions

Cecilia Jarne, Instituto de Física La Plata (IFL), Buenos Aires, Argentina


6. Radiodection of extensive air showers at the Pierre Auger observatory

Jennifer Maller , Subatech, Nantes, France


7. Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory : An ambitious observatory for high energy cosmic rays and gamma ray

Diane Martraire , Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay (IPNO), Orsay , France


8. Using time-dependent data from the surface detector to measure mass-dependent observables of cosmics ray air showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory.

Detlef Maurel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology , KIT , Karlsruhe, Germany


9. Measurement of the Cosmic Rays primary spectrum with ARGO-YBJ experiment

Beatrice Panico, University Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy


10. Simulating multiparticle production for cosmic rays

Felix Riehn , Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany


11. A measurement of muon number in showers using inclined events detected at the Pierre Auger observatory

Sayri Tupac Garcia, Universita de Santiago de Compostela, Spain


12. AMS-02: a cosmic rays experiment on the International Space Station

Valerio Vagelli , Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) - Karlsruhe- Germany



Gamma ray astronomy


13. Conservative upper limits on WIMP annihilation cross section from Fermi-LAT gamma rays

Francesca Calore, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Hamburg, Germany


14. TeV gamma rays from Supernova Remnants

Pierre Cristofari , APC CNRS (APC CNRS), Paris, France


15. Low Energy characterization of CdTe Caliste HD module at SOLEX facility

Sébastien Dubos , Astrophysique interactions multi-échelles , CEA,,Gif-sur Yvette, France


16. Extra Dimensions Dark Matter with gamma rays

Viviana Gammaldi , Universidad Complutense Madrid (UCM), Madrid – Spain


17. Search of axion-like particles with MAGIC

Adiv Gonzalez-Munoz, Institut de Física d'Altes Energies (IFAE), Barcelona, Spain


18. Gamma-ray binaries and development of a Raman LIDAR: two lines of research

Alicia Lopez-Oramas , Institut de Fisica d'Altes Energies (IFAE) , Barcelona, Spain


19. Fermi-LAT gamma-ray observations of the Supernova remnant HB21

Giovanna Pivato, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Padova, Padova, Italy


20. New event reconstruction for the Fermi Large Area Telescope: validation of new GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulations and preliminary results from Cosmic Rays Electrons analysis

Marco Tinivella , Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Pisa, Pisa – Italy



Neutrino and neutrino astronomy


21. Search for neutrinoless double beta decay with the GERDA experiment

Neslihan Becerici Schmidt , Max Planck Institute for Physics, München, Germany


22. Studying High-Energy Gamma Ray Bursts and Active Galactic Nuclei Emissions

Lionel Brayeur, Martin Casier , Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB - IIHE), Brussel – Belgium


23. The Askaryan Radio Array - Detecting Ultra High Energy Neutrinos In Antarctica

Jonathan Davies University College London - London's Global University , London, UK


24. Developments of Microresonators Detectors for Neutrino Physics in Milano

Marco Faverzani Università di Milano-Bicocca & INFN Milano-Bicocca , Milan, Italy


25. Searching for neutrinos from Dark Matter annihilation in the Earth with the IceCube detector

Jan Kunnen, Vrije University Brussels, Elsene, Belgien


26. The Double Chooz experiment for the measurement of the neutrino mixing angle θ13

Romain Roncin,APC - Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France

27. Using gamma-flares for cosmic neutrino analysis in ANTARES

Agustín Sánchez Losa , Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC), Valencia - España – Spain



High Energy Astrophysics


28. Time Dependent Leptonic Models and the Evolution of Spectral Energy Distributions for Astrophysical Jets.

Christopher Diltz , Ohio University, Athens, USA


29.Compton and Synchrotron Emissions from Pair Cascades in AGN Environments

Parisa Roustazadeh, Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA

30. Neutrinos from Decaying Muons, Pions, Neutrons and Kaons in Gamma Ray Bursts

Reetanjali Moharana, Indina Institute Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India


31. Interpretation of the high energy cosmic-ray electron Spectrum using the GALPROP code.

Rafik Sedrati, Université Badji Mokhtar, Annaba, Algeria


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